December Feeding Tip

In the month of December much of the northeastern United States experiences its first widespread snowfall. For some, the whitening of the landscape may be temporary and for others it may set the scene for the next three months. A general snowfall typically increases feeder activity substantially. This is a month to establish your yard as an important stop on the foraging pattern of neighborhood songbirds. Your complement of feeder birds does not become feeder-dependent in winter time. These species are resident year round because they have ample food supplies available throughout the seasons. But they do optimize their energy spent seeking food, by learning where the best supplies can be found. Winter time is a season of mixed-specie foraging flocks. Flocks of songbirds typically follow a daily foraging pattern as they move from yard to yard, feeder to feeder, natural food source to natural food source. Use this month to set your feeders for the season, choosing where to locate your favorite tube feeder, identifying where to offer the suet cakes, adding a platform feeder close to the ground. Then fill them with appropriate mixes, keep them stocked, and the birds will find your banquet table, spread the word to others, and visit regularly.